Obagi Loyalty Program

We are so thrilled to finally announce our Obagi Loyalty Program! Let us reward you for using Obagi! To welcome you to the loyalty program, you will receive an Obagi Cleanser, Toner, and Sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type. Plus, you will receive a chemical peel and dermaplaning. This is a $222 value!

For every $100 spent on Obagi, you will receive one loyalty point. We track the points for you! When you receive 10 loyalty points, you’ll get a free chemical peel with dermaplaning. Plus, you’ll receive a 10% discount on regularly priced Obagi products. Extra discounts will be given during our events that are only available to Obagi Loyalty Program Members.

Speaking of extra discounts, receive extra points and discounts on​ Wednesday February 11th only!

​Sign up for the Obagi Loyalty Program and​ receive double points​ and 20% off your entire ​Obagi purchase! Plus, a chemical peel with dermaplaning ​as your free service for taking advantage of the Obagi Loyalty Program. ($85 value)

A reservation fee of $150 will go towards the cost of the Obagi Loyalty Program Membership. Your c​hemical peel with dermaplaning must be ​performed the day of the event. Appointments are very limited. Please kindly give 48 hours notice if you must cancel your appointment.  Cancellations for this event will not be eligible for double points or the 20% discount on Obagi products.

Sign up for our Obagi Loyalty Program for only $150.

Here are the rules:

Obagi Loyalty Program discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers. Gift cards may not be used towards the purchase of the Obagi Loyalty Program Membership.

Thank you for all the support and love.


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