Get rewards for using your favorite Obagi Medical Products 

One-time Membership | $199

What is OLP?

Montgomery Aesthetics’ Obagi Loyalty Program (OLP) is an exclusive program at our medical spa rewarding members on a point system for their Obagi purchases.

How does OLP work?

For every $100 spent on Obagi, you will receive one loyalty point. We track the points for you! When you earn 10 loyalty points, you’ll get half off a Level I peel. Plus, you’ll receive a 10% discount on regularly priced Obagi products.

How do I become an OLP member?

Sign up for our Obagi Loyalty Program by coming by Montgomery Aesthetics and paying the one-time membership fee of $199, giving you your choice of cleanser, toner and sunscreen, plus one service of up to $95 as our welcome gift to you. ($250 value) You can then start racking up the points, savings and OLP rewards!

Are there any rules?

Obagi Loyalty Program discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.

Why Obagi?

Because we love it! Our staff is proud to offer Obagi Medical Products exclusively because we know it is the only skincare system designed to give you the results you want and offers skincare systems that specifically address your needs for every stage in life.

Montgomery Aesthetics will build a skincare routine to fit your needs, budget and lifestyle. Our expertise and personal experiences with Obagi’s products ensures you will receive the best recommendations and tips to achieve the skin you’ve been dreaming of. We don’t just share Obagi with all of our fabulous clients, we use it every day and know the transformation it can make in your skin’s health.

Why we love Obagi:

  • Prevents signs of aging
  • Reverses the signs of aging
  • Treats acne, hyperpigmentation and dry skin.

We’ve proudly offered Obagi through the years and are dedicated to your skin health and Obagi for life.

*All prices are subject to change without notice